Finally: Photos of Alexandre

in the sweater I knit him for his birthday – in October. It’s soooo cold here these days — extra layers are a must so I’ve managed to make him wear his sweater AND let me take a photo! It’s been around just in case he’d feel like wearing it — so as you can see, it’s full of dog, cat + probably human hair! oh well.

I’m a little sad that I haven’t knitted them anything for christmas — but I will knit them things in January while I don’t have to hide and they’ll get to pick what I knit 🙂 perhaps he’ll wear whatever “that” is more — then again this week-end he said he loved his sweater… so who knows 🙂

Who made your sweater?

YOU! 🙂 (he oh-so-looks like he’s THREE in this photograph… where did my babes go?)
Sweater for Alexandre

Sweater for Alexandre

Checking “his own rink” (as he calls it) before heading out for the season’s very first sake! He’s wearing my favorite jeans of his — that are nearly too small snif snif
Sweater for Alexandre


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