A Gnome House

felted gnome house

Oh — how I cannot wait until christmas morning to see the kids faces when they see this 🙂 I’m so excited! For all the gift giving this season actually — but for this specific gift especially.

I finished the details so I thought i’d share better photos of it (and my cat who wouldn’t move for the world!)

The top is reversible — blue or green (i think my favorite colour combination)

felted gnome house

felted gnome house

felted gnome house

I needle felted a tiny mouse to go in the trunk of the stump… (well, it’s removable, so i guess it doesn’t have to stay there but it fits there) the rocks + the branch were technically going to be sewn on – but I couldn’t decide where i really wanted them so I decided to make it so that they can set them up how they please… and this way they can also use them on their playmat…
felted gnome house

Only a week + one day before they play with it 🙂


6 thoughts on “A Gnome House

  1. It is amazing! Your kids might believe in S.C. for longer cause their gifts actually look like they were made by his little elves, rather than in some big factory! 🙂

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