A christmas angel (tree topper)

Chrismtas Tree

We decorated the tree on the week-end… the kids had so much fun and were actually really great at decorating which [happily] surprised me a little!

We had been wanting a new tree topper for a while but hadn’t changed it — I’ve been thinking of making a waldorf doll (sewn cotton) as an angel for a while — I’d love one for myself and then thought it could be nice on the top of a tree too! But I didn’t get around to it… So while the tree was mostly decorated the kids and I sat for craft time (which almost always needs to include wool now for Elizabeth!) and I made this Angel in no time at all… For the alternative to what we had before, I like it — but it needs work if it’s going to go back up there next year…

So here is our new tree topper… a pipe cleaner and a pile of wool and about an hour of my time…!
Chrismtas Tree

Chrismtas Tree

Chrismtas Tree

Chrismtas Tree

And finally…. is it normal to like your living room reflection in an ornament MORE than your actual living room? Oh distortion can be such a wonderful thing!
Chrismtas Tree


4 thoughts on “A christmas angel (tree topper)

  1. Love the angel! We don’t have one, but I love your idea of making one with a Waldorf doll, but love even more the idea of making one in an hour with wool!

    Your home looks lovely, what a warm inviting place for the holidays 🙂

  2. Ah bien oui! une photo dans une boule… honnêtement, je ne l’avais pas vu…. j’espère que tu ne crois pas que je pirate tes idées sans te citer 😦
    En tout cas, on est sur la même longueur d’ondes n’est-ce pas!

    • Absolument pas Nathalie — j’ai pas pens a!! J’ai pens comme toi — que nous sommes sur la mme longueur d’ondes!!

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