Little Gnomes (wip)


I decided I really really needed gnomes to go with their gnome house… these took about an hour each (although they need to be felted more — hopefully I get around to it — otherwise I’ll work on them after they’ve been opened!)

Unfortunately — I made them a tiny bit to big. I think the gnome would have been a good size if the top of the hat was the height of the top of it’s head instead of adding all that height — but i’m sure they’ll be well played with…!



Oh, I also made a tree topper angel on Saturday while we were decorating the tree because we really didn’t want to use our tree topper anymore… I’ll share tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Little Gnomes (wip)

  1. They look great! I agree… I think the house will be so much cooler now they’re also getting gnomes to play with. What an amazing present that is!!

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