A wintery mother nature…

Needle Felted Doll

This morning I was at a needle felting figurines workshop with Fiona Duthie and created this wintery mother nature like figure that will live in our nature “table” during the winter months 🙂

I am oh-so-glad I took this workshop — I knew a few bits of how to do this, but doing it from start to finish with hands on teaching is worth so much… Not only that, but commiting the time to take a workshop like this means…. you end up with a finished project at the end and not scrambling to find stolen moments to accomplish your project!

I really love how she turned out — and I hope to make a few gnomes for the children’s gnome house they’re getting for christmas — but I think it might have to wait until January, and that’s ok too!

I still have to needle felt her skirt more to firm it up – and I’m thinking of adding a few tiny flowers on her “crown”…

Needle Felted Doll

Needle Felted Doll

If you’re thinking of trying needle felting like this — DO IT 🙂 It’s incredible to watch things take shape in next to no time really — and best of all? It’s totally forgiving — if it’s not how you wanted it you can remove wool and try again… it’s nice to play with a medium that doesn’t require precision (well, other than knowing exacly where your fingers are at all times so you don’t hurt yourself!)


5 thoughts on “A wintery mother nature…

  1. Love, love love her! What a gorgeous doll for your nature table! Is her hair made out of mohair?

    I was just coming by to see how the workshop went! I would love to do a workshop just for the reason you mentioned, being able to take home something an not trying to squeeze in moments at home!

    I can’t wait to see the gnomes you create, I bet they’ll be spectacular!

  2. Bonjour Annie! Il y a un bout que je n’étais pas venu faire un tour et … je suis sans le mot devant tes belles créations. J’adore ta dame hiver!
    Justin va à la maison du Conte (jardin d’enfants pédagogie Waldorf) et on s’amuse souvent avec la laine feutrée. J’adore l’utiliser. Nous avons fabriqué d’ailleurs des petits chats pour remettre aux enfants à la fête de Noël cette semaine.
    J’aurais vraiment aimé pouvoir prendre une telle formation, chanceuse 😉
    Bravo encore…

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