Finishing the Ornaments

While the ornaments were drying in the oven yesterday we took a snow break and headed outside! I’m sure Elizabeth in this photo is asking “now it’s ready?” because a) she was excited to PAINT the ornaments and b) it’s her favorite thing to ask after “why?”!

Taking a break -- playing in the snow!


We had painting station and everybody painted a little of everything…

painting Salt Dough Ornaments

painting Salt Dough Ornaments

painting Salt Dough Ornaments

and then they had to dry, again…

painted Salt Dough Ornaments

and Mama put the finishing touches on them today during craft time… Now I think I’m supposed to spray them to seal them – but I don’t have a spray right now – so we’ll see 🙂

painted Salt Dough Ornaments

The P and the M are for Papa & Maman — otherwise the ornaments would have been A A A & E!

painted Salt Dough Ornaments


4 thoughts on “Finishing the Ornaments

    • You should totally do this with your kiddos!
      It’s all “metalic” paint actually by folkart that i’ve had for i think more than 10 years! I just keep digging in my stash until I exhaust it! haha.

    • Hi Kelly – thanks!
      I’ve read that painted ornaments should be sealed with a clear varnished… I’m guessing it might make them last longer… I’m not sure! I may or may not spray them depending on if I come accross a clear varnish between now and the next few days!!

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