A Gnome House — workshop with wool


This fabulous gift will be under the tree christmas morning — and I think it’s going to be an instant favorite. I still have detail work to take care of — but it’s nearly completed. I took a workshop with the fabulous Fiona Duthie and it was great to get hands on help. The only pieces (other than a few balls) I had done before were with articles from Living Crafts — and while they’re great (and the one I followed was actually by Fiona herself — if you read Living Craftsyou’ve seen her work!) nothing beats hands on… I’ve since created a few other felted piece — and I REALLY love the process… Now, if only I could get better at estimating wool… I bought some on the week-end and way way way under estimated what I needed!!

the before…

here are some work in progress details…


My gnome house grew taller than I had hoped so I cut the top and will use it as part of our seasonal nature ‘table’ display as soon as I complete it. I’ve decided to wait until January to play with “mine” because as it is I’m running out of time to accomplish all that I ‘need’ to accomplish between now and December 25th.

Next week I’m taking another workshop with Fiona — making needle felted figurines. My attempts so far haven’t been fantastic — I can’t wait for the hands on guidance!


9 thoughts on “A Gnome House — workshop with wool

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  2. oh dear, I am loving this too and wondering if I can fit it in before Christmas! Is it formed by wet felting, what did you wrap it around?

    The detail work is lovely AND look at all that yummy wool in the background *drool*!

    • Hi Marina, Yes, it’s wet felted 🙂 It’s a big enough piece so it took a while to felt it down — but oh-so-worth it 🙂

      the resist was a piece of thick plastic that’s silver on one side and white on the other — it’s used in construction i think — but you could use ANY resist that wasn’t super stiff… I’ve used bubble wrap that i covered in duct tape as well for projects and that worked well. it’s fully wrapped around and when the felt is solid enough to rince, then you cut it out of the resist at the top.

      I cannot wait to see the kids reaction to this 🙂

      Thanks for the comments on my blog! Annie

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  4. How did you get it cone shaped? I really would like to make something like this for my daughter, but I can’t figure out the cone shape. I”ve made balls and beads, and I needle felt, but I love the look of wet felted gnome and fairy homes. Did you shape and tape the plastic together? Use styrofoam? (I’m cutting it close for a last minute gift for my daughter!)

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