Nature’s colours…

November is my least favorite month of the year… although this year I’ve started my knitting/sewing/crafting projects early enough that I’ve kept very busy with my hands which has helped! Something else that has helped, I’m certain, is the very warm gorgeous sunny November we’ve been having. I think we’ve had more days above +10oC than not. And finally — trying to find colour amongst the grey has really helped… and strong sunshine – even if only for a few minutes can work wonders on a drab landscape!

in a few days it’s already going to be December… goodness time flies!

golden blur
this photo I also added to Happy Blur Sunday, a flickr group…



green & gold




3 thoughts on “Nature’s colours…

  1. De superbes photos inspirantes!

    Annie, quel appareil photo me conseillerais-tu avec un bon rapport qualité/prix pour réussir (enfin!!) à prendre de belles photos? J’ai présentement un Lumix (zoom 10x) mais je ne l’aime pas du tout!

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