Meet Seamus & Eloïse

The children’s new friends that I made them for their birthday… They’ve been seen a lot on this blog in the last 2 weeks or so, but I thought I’d post a few more photos and a few things about doll making in general since I’ve gotten a few questions along the way… Most of the instructions I have used to create these dolls have been from the book Making Waldorf Dolls – it’s a fantastic resource! I also took a doll making workshop last december and made my son a doll for Christmas (seen here) There’s a pattern in that book mentioned… And I’ve also just gathered extra info around the web for example for the noses because I didn’t like the technique I learned and the book doesn’t mention noses (and I LOVE the noses on these dolls!!)

Grace @ Uncommon Grace has a nice doll making FAQ

On with the details…

This is Seamus. His name was actually very very high on our baby name list… Had Elizabeth been a boy she would have been Seamus.

His perfect hat is a gift my sister made them last year for their birthday – but they were too small. It’s so great on Seamus that I’m considering stitching it on! (his hair leaves a lot to be desired, I think it’s going to be a while before I attempt a short hair doll again!)

His shirt is a repurposed t-shirt and his pants over repurposed jeans



And this is Eloïse, a name that has proven slightly difficult for my daugther to pronounce… Her dress is from remnants of the diaper bag I made myself before the kiddos were born (more than 3 years ago now!) and I made her a dress just like this one this summer from Heather Ross’s Week-end Sewing.

Her sweater I modified the pattern that I used to make her birthday sweater – it’s made with CotLin from KnitPicks — and I wish I had used it for her sweater too – i really like it. I’m hoping to take the time to write the pattern changes in my ravelry projects in case it can be of use to somebody! I did want the sweater to have longer arms and a longer body — but I was literally knitting against the clock and ran out of time & energy and had to stop. I’m just thankful I managed to make both sides match 🙂

For both dolls I used some Manos del Uruguay Wool — it’s truly luxurious and it was a little difficult to cut because of it… but it’s oh-so-gorgeous and oh-so-perfect for doll hair!!



Eloïse & Seamus

Oh and shoes? They’ll come from Santa I think 😉 I’m planning new clothes included a knitted skirt, leg warmers and socks for christmas…


6 thoughts on “Meet Seamus & Eloïse

  1. I just love these dolls. I still have a partially made doll that I started but couldn’t get past the head part. I’m sure I’ll finish it by the time the children graduate from school.

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