Cakes: a paint tray & a scenic road

I love cake, especially birthday cake. My children (my daugther especially) love cake and the idea of cake. And so I always want their birthday cakes to be fun! Here are a few details shots of their third birthday cakes from the week-end… I thought i’d share in case anybody was looking for inspiration — cause goodness knows I googled cakes quite a bit before this birthday. And STILL I hadn’t figured out what I was doing until Thursday evening… Alexandre’s cars I decided while grocery shopping – I picked up 2 hotwheels for the car & oreos for the road… Elizabeth’s cake idea only came to me as I was driving home from grocery shopping at 8:45pm. (oh, and I grocery shopped alone for the first time in I don’t know how long. My kids are great to run errands with me for the most part… but wow going alone can be oh so much more efficiant!!)

So here they are – Alexandre has a tiny obsessions with all vehicules — so I made a road with 2 cars. Because of Elizabeth’s icing I was able to add a lake last minute. I also added a tree (just a branch from the yard) and yes… that’s WOOL in the tree. That’s also yellow wool in the road for the line (adam’s suggestion!) I feel like perhaps I have officially crossed over into the overwhelmingly obsessive. Wool on a cake? Yes, you can. Only if you’re fibre obsessed I would say.

Scenic Route Cake

Elizabth LOVES painting. We paint daily here. I thought a painters tray would be a great idea. she LOVED it. I wasn’t sure how to make the pucks — but I decided to google homemade fondant. Surely there was a way to do this… and there was. A crazy easy way. It turned out perfectly — and I will be using this technique again (Marshmallow Fondant), that’s for sure. I feel like I just discovered a hidden secret and I want to share with the world! The possibilities are endless with this stuff – as long as you’ve got some talent to shape things I guess… I’m not sure I could do ‘anything’ with it — my play dough skills are ok, but not those of an artist, but I’m sure I could learn fun things 🙂

Paint Tray Cake


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