A birthday Celebration!

My children will be three years old tomorrow and we celebrated on the week-end! I spent countless evening-into-the-night hours working on gifts for them — and while I didn’t quite finish every last details — i was quite pleased with their presents. They on the other hand were quite overwhelmed by the chaos that is a birthday celebration in general that they didn’t take much notice of their knitted sweaters… their dolls were hugged immediately though.

Their cakes were admired although Alexandre had a minor fit because he didn’t want cars ON his cake — he needed to play with them NOW… overall the day was a hit — and I’m sure they’ll be talking about it for a while 🙂

Here are a few photographs of gifts and cakes and party favors and the party in general… one photograph we wont see is my son in his knitted sweater… he still hasn’t tried it on, he refuses – mostly I’m sure because he knows I really really want him to. Elizabeth tried it on for me – and I’m slightly disapointed in the fit — it looks too wide and the arms are nearly too short… i’m most likely going to make one for Elizabeth for christmas and I think I’ll make it the size smaller but the same lenght as the 2-4 and longer arms…

Their new dolls!
Their new dolls

loot bags!
loot bags!

Elizabeth in her new sweater — I still have to put the buttons on and I was right, if I had put them where they are supposed to go it would have been much much too big. Here’s she’s pushing her new antique pram… a funny thing to call antique when it’s only from about 30 years ago — my mom said we had the exact same one in blue!

New sweater & new stroller/pram

CAKE! (of a huge importance for my daugther 🙂 )

with Cake


6 thoughts on “A birthday Celebration!

  1. The dolls turned out beautifully, especially the hair. I have a new appreciation for that after making my daughter one with hair for Yule last year. It’s not easy! I hope your boy will relent and try on that beautiful sweater. Maybe you’ll just have to wait until it’s really cold? It was lovely to read about the journey of their gifts and the preparations for their party.

  2. Happy birthday to E and A! 🙂 I can’t believe they’re 3 already! How did that happen??

    I’m in love with their dolls – I can see why they were hugged immediately. Their cakes turned out really cute, too.

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  4. You are so talented! The dolls are amazing, the cakes are amazing, the knitting is amazing….wow! Thanks for the icing link too, I’ll be checking that out : )

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