WIP Wednesday… 2 dolls + a sweater

This is my WIP from yesterday (although by last night they were slightly more advanced…)

These gifts need to be ready by SATURDAY — that’s in about 48 hours. I’ve officially begun freaking out because there are also OTHER things to do before Saturday such as clean the house and prepare a meal for 16 or so people. Nothing like working under pressure!

Here are the dolls…

and here is the sweater for Elizabeth’s doll. I’ve modified the sweater I made her for her birthday to be doll size. This yarn is cotlin from knitpicks — and I wish I had made her sweater in this yarn instead of the organic cotton I did use! I will be using this yarn again for sure!!

And I’m currently working crazy fast on the third hat for the loot bags — I’ve started it FIVE times and finally decided to take the last of my Mission Falls 1824 wool even though it’s not stash busting (was supposed to be turned into a hat for my son) I’ll just buy more at this point. The hat is looking great — and it turns out it will match his snow suit perfectly (a bonus I know because I happened to be with his mom when she bought his snow suit last week!) 🙂

Now, I just REALLY need to figure out what i’m going to be doing for their cakes … If you’re reading and have clever ideas — PLEASE share 🙂 boy/girl twins – turning three!


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