Celebrating being Alive!

Today is my one year blog anniversary. I had high hopes when I started this blog, and on some levels I didn’t meet my expectations — but the fact that it’s still here and active after ONE year is a huge accomplishement. I tend to leave more things unfinished/inactive it seems. There have been quiet parts – but overall, it’s been ok! Thank you to those of you who read my blog! (and a special thanks to those who comment too! Merci!)

Today will be spent crafting away like crazy — trying to finish my children’s birthday gifts… The dolls are nearly completed – all they need is hair & clothing… If all goes well it should be a fun day 🙂

WIP - dolls

I’m also planning on going for a 6.5km+ run — I’ve been running since this summer and today was my 5k goal — but since I’ve surpassed that already I figured my goal for today should be something like 8k — but I’m not sure that’s going to happen. Either way, I’m going to TRY to go for a run and log as many km as my body will allow. Because my body CAN. That by itself, is amazing.

Today is the 12th anniversary of my car accident — a car accident that took so much from me… but at the same time gave me a constant reminder that the I am blessed to be alive. Oct. 20th is a day I choose to celebrate being ALIVE.

This photo is so important to me…. the four of us a little while after my accident — and a glimpse of what could have possibly been. That’s where it stops — I don’t think of what could have been, but lets just say that these photographs could be incredibly different. As I said, I celebrate being alive. This is a constant reminder, on my inpsiration board.

on my inspiration board...

And the four of us this August…
siblings, 2009

family 2009

And finally, our little family unit of four.


7 thoughts on “Celebrating being Alive!

  1. Hi Annie, it’s been a while. J’ai été très occupée ses deux derniers mois… C’est un plaisir de te lire. Je suis tout proche de mon premier anniversaire-blog également. Félicitations! C’est très touchant ce que tu as écrit! Malgré les petites tempêtes, nous nous devons d’être remplie de gratitude pour le simple fait d’être en vie. Je suis un peu jalouse de toutes tes créations en tricots!!! Bonne semaine. 4.

  2. Congratulations Annie! You’ve been so much inspiration to me this year, thank YOU so much for your beautiful blog!

    You are amazing, keep on running, and keep on feeling the joy of being alive


  3. Annie, you made me cry, smile, be thankful all in one post! I love the way you look at the *day*. I may have to adopt that perspective. LIke you, I will never see June 9th the same ever again, but I will celebrate all I have in spite of it!
    Thank you for sharing. And I gotta say – I will be following this blog from now on!! Those hats are to die for! Might have to look up the pattern now!

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