WIP Wednesday: A sweater and two dolls.

This is Elizabeth’s sweater — it’s coming along… although I’m still not quite sure about it. I hope it will fit her for one, but when I lay it on top of other sweaters she has it looks like it should without a problem — but I’m still not convinced mostly because of the large collar (which I opted to knit this way — I should have knit the other collar I think) Also, while I like this cotton, it is not the right yarn for this project at least not on these needles… The Ravelry info page and the pattern don’t have the same requirements written which is why I ended up buying this yarn for this project — but a thicker yarn would be nicer. I think I’m going to make myself this sweater later this winter with a heavy yarn! I’m kind of stumped as to when to finish off the sleeve (i want it 3/4 length – and I figured I didn’t need to do sleeve decreases — anybody know what’s typical on a 3/4 length sleeve?)

I’m also having a hard time figuring out how long I should make this — I SO wish I could just try it on Elizabeth — it would answer a bunch of questions! but… it’s a birthday gift, so guessing I must do! That’s why the bottom is still on the needle while I’m onto the sleeve — I thought once i had sleeve lenght I would see when to finish the sweater but frankly, it hasn’t helped much!

WIP: Front of Elizabeth's Sweater

WIP: back of Elizabeth's sweater

And here are two adorable dolls for my children. I cannot wait to see them come together — and I especially cannot wait to see the looks on their faces!! I only have a week and a half left to finish everything – and I also want to create a memory game for them. Better start rushing 🙂

WIP: dolls


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: A sweater and two dolls.

  1. Any way you could make a game of measuring Elizabeth? I’ve done that kind of thing when I make birthday gifts so as not to give away the surprise. Usually it turns into, “Let me measure you now, Mama!” Good luck finishing it all!

    • I have measured her (even more than once for this project!) but because the way the neck line is I’m really not sure HOW it will fit therefore my measurements are still not helping me as much as they should. Yesterday I figured the length had to be between 10 and 11 inches based on her measurements and then measured the sweater and I’m already at 11 — but it seems too short…. I’m sure it will all work out! I’m already planning on knitting her the same one I knit Alexandre for christmas — so if this one fails – at least she’ll have one soon!

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