Giving Thanks.

We’ve just spent a beautiful beautiful week-end with family celebrating thanksgiving

I just wanted to share a few fall photographs of where we live. This is by far my favorite time of the year (with new leaves in the spring as a close second) and at this time of the year I am always grateful that our home is located in this exact spot.

I love love love morning light in the fall


This walking covered bridge is just a few minutes away from our home. Last Thursday was a gorgeous day and we spent it out and about all day long — we even had what was most likely our very last outdoor picnic this year in the beautiful sunshine… This was the last stop of the day and the kiddos had a blast! It also happens to be where my husband and I got married 6+ years ago now!

Covered bridge

running up and down the bridge!

playing in the water...

Alexandre & the covered bridge

And I’m also incredibly thankful for the slower pace that happens naturally at this time of year… Just like nature is slowing down and getting ready to spend a few months mostly sleeping, we too are slowing down and appreciating the slower pace which for me personally translates into a whole lot more knitting! The best is being able to watch the children play and explore outside while I knit…

Alfie & my wool

Knitting outside

For those that celebrated thanksgiving this week-end, I hope it was a nice one!


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