Rural Ramble…

(post which I nearly titled “way too many photos of my kids on farms”, just a little warning!)

Last week-end was the annual Rural Ramble in the Ottawa Valley — my mom and I took the kids to three farms near Eganville and they had a blast. By the last farm, Elizabeth was especially warmed up – running around everywhere calling Alexandre to join her and see things. That bounce in her step and smile on her face was priceless!

Here’s a 5 day old lamb (or baby sheep as I called it on flickr last week!)

5 day old lamb


And 3 day old pigs!
3 day old pigs

Elizabeth, memère + turkey


Alexandre especially loved the chickens!!

At the second farm, they went horseback riding. I never ever thought they’d get on the horses — they refused to touch them after our wagon ride – but they wanted on and they did great 🙂 And it made me very happy – I love horseback riding (even though i don’t ride now) but it’s part of very happy childhood memories for me!)

One week later and they’re still talking about “Lady” and “Duke” like they’re friends!

Elizabeth on Duke

Alexandre on Lady


The bounce I mentioned above!

seeing so many chickens/roosters made me really wish we had a coop! not that we would because we’re not always always home AND if we did – it wouldn’t have any roosters!!



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