WIP Wednesday: Sweater & Hat

Here is this week’s snapshot of current works in progress…

Alexandre’s birthday gift sweater that I posted about last Wednesday!
WIP: Alexandre's sweater

this isn’t the most accurate representation of it’s colour — but isn’t the texture oh-so-lovely?

and a hat for myself – the pleated cloche from AlterKnits — it’s going to be felted and I’m thinking I will have to do it elsewhere since we’re in the process of changing our washing machine at the moment! (read: I don’t currently have a washing machine!!) This project has short rows which I have yet to attempt, so I hope I figure it out quickly!

This yarn is o-wool and so far I really really like it.

I’ve got many knitting projects either on the go or ready to go for christmas & birthday gifts – and since christmas is less than 3 months away I’ve chosen ‘quick knits’ for most projects and i’ve had to buy needles because most were bigger needles than I have in my stash… and ouch. Big needles that are not the norm are EXPENSIVE!

Oh, and I’ve just cast on a hat for my daugther – because her spring/fall cotton one I made her last easter is too small, it keeps poping off her head!


4 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Sweater & Hat

  1. Isn’t that sweater so fun and satisfying? How are you liking the Mission Falls wool? I’ve used the cotton, but never the wool. And the color for your hat is delicious–so warm and chocolaty.

    • I’m really loving this pattern — and the yarn I absolutely love. It’s sooo soft. I really wish it was slightly cheaper. This beautiful sweater will have cost me 50$CDN and that’s a lot when I really shouldn’t be spending that kind of $ on yarn!! How was their cotton?

  2. ooh, Annie that is so soft and sweet. I haven’t wanted to knit at all until, suddenly, today! And it is cold now and the kids have no hats, and I have no yarn, and… I suddenly want to knit! So, this post did not actually help. Thanks. A lot.

    • Oh no! did you find yarn? I always have yarn… but then I always have way too much of just about everything lying around and that’s why the state of my ‘space’ is chaotic!! I’m almost done a hat for Elizabeth that I don’t actually like colour wise – but i’m stash busting!

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