Lovely Reversible Hat

This summer somebody gave my mom and I a stash of remnant fabrics to share.. (well, really she gave them to my mom and my mom shared with me!) and many were used for children bedding – and so they’re thick cotton.

I thought they’d work great for a hat so I bought Betz White’s Reversible Bucket Hat. I love this pattern… I was a little afraid of the sewing in the round thing – I tend to just stay away because I don’t seem to have enough patience or something – but the pattern is great and the hat turned out beautifully!

new hat

new hat

new hat

I’ve also made one for a 5 year old birthday gift (amongst other gifts) — this one I rushed way too much… MUST LEARN TO SLOW DOWN or skip projects when I simply do NOT have time!! I do like how it turned out even though I wish I had taken just a little more time with it.

The beige is a nice organic cotton I found at my local fabric shop!!
Hat for Evan

Hat for Evan


4 thoughts on “Lovely Reversible Hat

  1. This hat is just the cutest. You are a wonderful sewer. I think you have a wonderful sense of design and your fabric pairings are flawless! Heck you are a pretty amazing knitter, photographer, mother…. :0)

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