Thirty Something…

Today is my favorite beautiful big sister’s birthday. She has been walking a borderline-crazy-number-of-kilometers this summer and she’s looking great! 🙂

Bonne Fête Renée! My wish for your birthday…. that numbers/age stops mattering. We’re not getting older, we’re simply getting wiser.



with Winston, her huge Golden 🙂
Winston & a hint of Renée

I made her the Emmeline Apron by Meg @ Sew Liberated – she loved it, and so did I. I must make myself one! I bought this pattern and fabric especially for her in January because I’m typically late with her gift and STILL I didn’t manage to finish it on time. The halter straps are attached with safety pins here just to get a feel for the apron – I still have to make the double bias tape for it. Hopefully today or tomorrow!

This is her gift, wrapped with fabric I will use to make her a lunch bag… when I have a few extra minutes to sew… hopefully soon!!
Renée's birthday gift

Renée's Emmeline Apron

Renée's Emmeline Apron

Renée, twirling in her new apron


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