A Smocked Sundress

Elizabeth, her new dress and her tiny bear

Smocked Dress for Miss E.

for miss Elizabeth! This pattern is from Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross. The fabric is from my stash… I used this fabric 3 years ago to make the diaper bag that I’ve used since the kiddos were born! I now have to remember NOT to take that diaper bag if we go out with this dress!

I have decided that smocking is the coolest thing I’ve ever done with my machine 🙂 and that I want to smock everything in sight. The lazy me would REALLY like to be able to find preloaded bobins though! It’s not that time consuming at all – it’s just not as fast as doing it with the machine. Every second counts when you try to sew in stolen moments!

Little things I’d change:
— I will put the first row of smocking closer to the top. The instruction say 1″ from top but I would do it just below the top fold because while I don’t mind the little ruffle effect at the top, I wish that we couldn’t see the underside of the fabric up there…
— I would like to be able to sew the smocking on the right lenght of fabric and not have to cut the bottom after the smocking is done — the bottom of the dress is somewhat wabbly even though I tried to make it straight and used my rotary cutter. Because it’s for a small child the bottom of the dress isn’t THAT far from the gatter effect of the smocking causing that issue (for me!)

Part I thought was the coolest? The shrivel under the iron part. It’s OH SO COOL! haha.

Embroidered heart tag!
Smocking detail + tag

Ties on new dress

Testing for Twirlability


8 thoughts on “A Smocked Sundress

  1. ooooh, Love this (SO cute that Miss E has her Teddy close to her) ! Makes me want to have a little girl :)… How do you like the book Weekend Sewing? It’s been sitting in my Amazon Cart and I can’t yet decide whether or not to get it- did you find problems with the patterns like others have?

  2. What a sweet dress! I’ve got some fabric waiting to be turned into one of these dresses for my two year old and you’ve inspired me to do it! I love how you added the heart tag, what a lovely detail!

  3. The pictures say it all! The fabric you chose for the dress is unusual, but the outcome is beautiful! It has a vintage appeal. Imagination is all about thinking apart from the usual. Love it!
    I am enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    Julie (who loves smocked clothing for children)

  4. I’m trying to make the same dress for my daughter, but I’m having a heck of a time with the shirring…what settings did you use on your machine (stitch length and tension)…my shirred but not that much at all!

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