Ten things I love right now…

150. That this post marks my 100th post!

151. This scene, from my parents last Friday. We had countless dinners in this exact spots when I was growing up… Except the trees weren’t this full back then!

152. That the children call the kitchen ‘chicken’.

153. That Alexandre says bip instead of bit. It’s always a little bip of something, not a litle bit — and it’s adorable. Things I know he’ll have to grow out of, but wish he wouldn’t!

154. My new sewing book – week-end sewing by Heather Ross. I’ve wanted this book for a long time and wanted to see it in person first but I the local bookstores don’t have it — so I decided to order it anyways and I’m super happy I did. I can’t wait to start some of the projects!

155. That my friend & I and our 4 kiddos combined played tourist in Ottawa last week!

156. Snap peas. snap peas. snap peas. (straight from the garden!!)

157. My NEW camera… Adam decided he was tired of hearing me talk about out of focus outdoor photographs and the fact that I couldn’t shoot in low light (which means nearly everything inside my house- – i’m forever having to drag the subject near our patio doors…) and he knew we couldn’t afford the camera I actually wanted… so he bought the highest one we kind of could afford. It replaces my 6 year old digital SLR camera (which I only use for snaps/blog/documenting in any case… my professional work is shot with much less sophisticated cameras that take FILM 🙂 )

158. Summer days. Real summer days. They’ve been far and few apart… but I have a feeling that summer is right around the corner… (yes, it’s already passed mid-july!)

159. That Isabelle (my sister) arrives from New Zealand on SUNDAY! She’s been gone since April 2008. That’s a CRAZY LONG TIME!!


3 thoughts on “Ten things I love right now…

  1. I hear you on the weather. I live in Saskatchewan. We are expected to get warm weather this weekend at last. Although I am not a fan of hot weather myself.
    I just found your blog and I like that you are from Canada like me.

  2. beautiful list and beautiful photos! what camera did you get? my camera takes out of focus photos now too (except macro, it seems?!). in the market here for a new one. and on the smocking….i have read recently on several blogs a love of smocking. i must try it!

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