seeing RED!

Red was easy to capture on Wednesday (Canada Day!) and I’ve always loved seeing people capture colour on their blogs – so here’s Red! (which is funny that this would be my first attempt – call me lazy, it was EVERYWHERE so it was easy… because on the list of favorite colours Red would be at the very bottom I think for me!)

:: Strawberries! These were the ones that made it to the freezer… and the hint of pottery you see is from Mckenzie Marcotte)


:: Vegetables for the roasted Red Pepper soup I made for dinner
veggies for soup

veggies for soup

Veggies for soup

:: The soup!
Roasted Red Pepper Soup

:: Beach Ball
beach ball

:: Papa & Alexandre… Yes, that’s a polish t-shirt — isn’t it great that the canadian & polish colours are the same? 🙂
Alexandre + Papa

:: Elizabeth & Alexandre, both in jeans + red.
kiddos in red+jeans

:: STOP!

:: Flags



3 thoughts on “seeing RED!

  1. Love all the red! You happen to live (I think) where a lot of my family comes from. I still have a lot of distant family living there still.

    Happy Late Canada from the north west coast of Canada!

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