A new bag!

new bag

shoes at bottom of bag!

I’ve joined a gym — and I’ve decided that if I made myself a bag it would be extra motivation to actually go. I didn’t need one — I even have a ‘typical’ gym bag (you know the one; with the gym’s logo on it!!) but I had been using a small beach bag instead — and it was too small and akward.

I made this bag based on inspiration from Made by Rae’s blog and from the lunch bag from Linen, Wool, Cotton that I made Adam for father’s day.

It’s versatile — I can wear it on my shoulder [1] on slinged on my back [2] (which was necesarry since the kiddos come to the gym with me from time to time and I need 2 hands free to get from the van to the gym!) I can also tie [3] it if I want — which is fantastic — this way if i use it for anything else – or if I want to keep 2 monkeys out of my bag it’s easily done. I can also tie it ‘open’ [4] on something — which can also be useful.

I made a large pocket so that i can bring lots of water from home – so I do not have to drink the chlorine tasting gym water! I made 2 inside pockets — and now I know that i’ve placed them a little too low on the inside of the bag. My shoes go at the bottom and compete for space with whatever is in the pockets. I should have placed them at least shoe hight from the bottom of the bag. Now I know!

Made and used in the same day — that’s always fun!


Bag: tied shut

Water bottle in bag

Bag: open


6 thoughts on “A new bag!

  1. I came across your blog today and have been poking around and really enjoying it. (I’ll be back to look through even more when I’ve got the time.) Thanks for sharing! And the bag looks great — I love those handles.

  2. This is a great bag. I don’t think I have the sewing skills to make something quite this good, but I wish I did. I love the fabric. I’ve stumbled upon your blog for the second time, from various places and I adore it so far. I look forward to reading more.

  3. J’adore le modèle de ton sac Annie! Et que dire du choix de tissu! Super! J’aime beaucoup la dernière photo, la lumière est belle et le look est neat and tidy! 😉

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