Intro to Camping…

We took the kids camping for the very first time overnight tuesday. It was great and not so great all wrapped up in one — but overall it went well. We had packed up to go on Saturday but something came up that made us change our plans — so we unpacked partially and headed to my parents where we set up the tent and slept in their yard! Because we unpacked partially — when we were packing for Tuesday’s trip I didn’t pack utensils because I knew they were in the box. Except they weren’t because I had already unpacked them! Oops! We skipped the salad for Tuesday’s dinner and got utensils for the rest of the ‘trip’ – so we were ok! 🙂 Not forgetting anything for the first trip of the year would have been nice, but nearly impossible I think!

Elizabeth’s favorite part had to be the smores! Although she did LOVE doing dishes… and they both LOVE the tent!!

On our way back from the washrooms around 9pm we saw a racoon — which I think helped us put the kids down! They were slightly scared, they asked to go to bed 🙂 The racoons were everywhere though they kept popping by while Adam and I enjoyed the fire after the kids were asleep!

It turns out we camped at a site that my husband camped at as a child — so it was kind of cool!

setting up the tent

Camp Dishes



finger licking good smores


3 thoughts on “Intro to Camping…

  1. I’ve just read a few of your posts and it looks like we have a lot in common. We just took our girls (7&4) camping for the first time too. I enjoyed reading about your experience.

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