Meet Adelaide

This doll is my first waldorf doll like this… It was crafted for Miss Nora and I’m happy that she has my very first. Having said that, I’m looking forward to making more and perfecting the art! I’ve learned a lot. I’m very impressed with her dress since I didn’t have a pattern and I had to draw one. It’s something I’ve got very little knowledge in and I am very happy with how it turned out. I really really need to learn how to draw sleves properly!

I’ve named her Adelaide – it’s a name I love and it happens to be one of my great-aunt’s name and she’s turning 100 this year. It seemed like a fitting name. That and Adam said he wasn’t fond of it and so I doubt I’ll be able to name a daughter Adelaide, if we’re blessed with another daughter at some point.








10 thoughts on “Meet Adelaide

  1. Adelaide is beautiful. Do you have a book or pattern that you would recommend for making waldorf dolls? I would really like to make one. Thanks.

  2. Annie, she is SO beautiful! You are amazing!

    I’d love to learn how to do this. Are you using a specific book or pattern? Must. Learn. 🙂

  3. Annie, Adelaide is SO precious! I’ve been wanting to make a doll dress for my doll, Kaisa (a girl name I probably will never be able to use) and had been looking for a pattern. I am so impressed that you made hers without one!

    She is lovely, what a wonderful job!

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