First Beach Day of 2009

me & kiddos
the camera timer took this photograph!

Really, it turned out to be a beach hour. It took me longer to prepare to get out the door than we managed to spend at the beach. The bugs were horrible — the picnic that we were going to enjoy on the sand ended up being enjoyed on Adam’s parents deck, in the beautiful sunshine – and without bugs!

I had time to knit a few rows… while praying the bugs would leave me alone!
knitting at the beach

It was cold, the water was cold. I thought the kids would run around on the beach — but didn’t think they’d go in. I have no idea why I didn’t think they’d go in. They’re 2 1/2 and they’re at the beach. OF COURSE they’ll go in! Elizabeth was in the water in seconds and kept running in and out – until her pants were 100% soaked – she took them off and kept going 🙂 Alexandre hesited for the first 3 min. and then he was following her right in! They were giddy with happiness. I doubt there are many moments that are more true of childhood bliss. You know that feeling you long for? (well, one I long for at times) of being free, without a care in the world? That’s what these two creatures of wonder are living – and oh so much more at the beach!

Elizabeth, running on the beach

Alexandre, on the beach


On our way back from the beach we stopped at a local [beautiful] nursery so the kids could pick out some flowers for the garden. They had a blast!
trip to the nursery


2 thoughts on “First Beach Day of 2009

  1. Leave it to the little ones to jump right in the water! Sounds like a nice day!
    The beach certainly does has that feeling that makes you feel *FREE* !!! : )

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