Flowers & Pebbles

These are from a trip to my parents last week (same day as my hammock photo!) Enjoying the great outdoors without…. black flies. (they’re horrible in our yard at the moment)

It’s almost like “a trip to the country” — but really, we do live in the country as well. Our country is just not acres and acres of our land like my parents home/farm.

There were flowers to be planted & watered…

and stories to be told…

And pebbles to be thrown in the creek…



Walking back in the wind…


3 thoughts on “Flowers & Pebbles

  1. Super sweet photos!
    I also recently did a post about visiting my parents farm!
    We are currently being plagued by black flies here as well, we have been gardening with our netted hats on, so attractive! : )

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