Handmade Gift for a new baby –

it’s May 18th — and so far I’ve made 100% of the gifts this year 🙂 (although my sister in law’s birthday was Friday – and I still have to make hers… oops)

Here is a baby shower gift from the week-end. The baby is due June 1st. The mama loved the gift and told me after the gift opening that she knits a bit too and that she’s made a few blankets 🙂 She was touched by the amount of work that had gone in to the gift – and my mom’s too. My mom gifts every niece/nephew with a baby quilt for their first born. She had only managed to finish the quilt top for this one and when she opened the gift she wispered “this is HOURS of work!” 🙂 I was happy to have put the effort.

It was fun to create thinking of the baby coming. Not knowing if it’s a boy or girl. Not knowing if he/she will arrive as a tiny tiny newborn or one that is already basically out of newborn sized clothing.

All I know is that I really hope this toy becomes incredibly loved! I made this waldorf doll by drawing up a star on paper (although I did it with the computer knowing that it would be incredibly lopsided otherwise!) I wasn’t sure if I was going to leave it soft like this or stuffed at least a little — but it was so adorable without stuffing that I left it. I hope to make a few more of these!

Star Doll - Blanket Style...

star doll - waldorf style

The kids LOVED this toy — especially Elizabeth. She just “had” to hug him/her. And they both “had” to pose with the baby when I was taking photographs!
Elizabeth LOVED this toy!

Elizabeth and Alexandre needing to pose with the doll

And I knitted this hat & booties.
The hat (Flour Sack) is from Amanda Keeys Baby Beanies book. And the booties I found on Ravelry (free pattern can be found here). I have to say that my selection of yarn for these was probably not wise (i was stash busting though – i have too much yarn without project!) — it hurt to knit parts of it and because of this I will most likely never make these again – even though they’re crazy adorable. We’ll see, my memory might fade!



7 thoughts on “Handmade Gift for a new baby –

  1. You are a very talented knitter! Beautiful work!
    I have such a soft spot for Waldorf dolls, you did a wonderful job on this one!
    You kids are absolutely adorable : )

  2. You are so talented, Annie! That Waldorf doll is incredible – do you have a link to a pattern? I’m not much of a sewer but I’d give it a try if I could make something as gorgeous as that!

    Great job on the hat and booties!

  3. I second the comments on the waldorf doll. It is adorable! I agree with your choice to leave it unstuffed. So much more squishable!

    I also would love a pattern if you have a link. My own babe is a few months old and already I am brainstorming christmas gifts!!

    • Hi,
      This doll was created in part with instructions from the book Making Waldorf Dolls, in part with instructions that I got when I took a doll making workshop and in part by me just playing with different ideas… That book is a great book if you’re looking to make dolls — but specific instructions for this specific doll I do not have! I hope that helps!!

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