I’d like to go back…

to the hammock.


yesterday I was knitting in a hammock while listening to the birds chirping, the wind chimes chiming, the kids playing with my mom, the waves of the river nearly crashing cause it was rough and smelling an incredibly delicious homemade rhubarb pie my mom made for dinner. I got to enjoy a few minutes of bliss, moments of stillness.

today is one of those days that most seems to be going wrong! Like getting caught in a serious downpour while at the nursery trying to select plants for the garden (i told myself it was just a little rain until I realized it wasn’t just a little – and i was soaked and frozen, found shelter and it passed about 3 minutes later thankfully! I did manage to find most of what I needed, so in the end it was a good trip to the nursery — but less cold & wet would have been nice!).
I also attempted to make personalized labels by ironing iron-on transfer onto ‘ribbon’ — on hot, my iron steams automatically – which I think is why i was transfering more than the text – the full ribbon had a glue like substance over it from the non printed part… and while trying the 3rd time I managed to put the iron onto freshly transfered label… which melted straight on the iron. Oops. See, things like that. Not a horrible day — but the kind that makes you think you really could use a hammock!

I wish I could have a hammock in my hard… but the bugs are crazy here!!

this photo is part of my photo-a-day project that I started on May 1st, my 30th birthday.


4 thoughts on “I’d like to go back…

  1. Hello! I am new to your blog, I like it here : )
    I had to smile at your post, I felt like I was reading about part of my day! I too, was at the nursery the other day while it was starting to rain I said oh, what’s a little rain? And then was caught in a complete downpour. I lasted for a little while and then couldn’t stand it any longer and quickly grabbed some herbs and headed for the shelter of the check out the only other people there were two sweet little old ladies with their umbrellas, I commented on how we must be die hard gardeners if we are out in this! ; ) An adventure, but my *only* time away with out kids in tow I felt rushed along by mother nature! A hammock sounds good! Wishing you a better day!

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