Ten (times three) things I love right now…

A special thirty things I love right now… in celebration of my 30th birthday this week-end! Thank you to those who wished me a happy birthday – it was a very nice birthday indeed.

120. That my husband took Friday off to spend with me and the kids. A great birthday gift!

121. My big bouquet of flowers my mom brought for my birthday. My flower, the daffodil.
daffodils for my birthday

122. This beautiful flower my husband gave me for my birthday.
flower from Adam for my birthday

123. These cala lilies – one of my favorite flowers – from my mother in law. Cala lilies have made me smile and brought back memories for me ever since one

of my favorite days ever – spending a few hours on a chicken bus in Guatemala and watching these beautiful flowers line the country side. Such pure white gorgeous flowers in an empoverished country of amazing culture, and amazing people. I find the cala lily reminds me of the guatemalans wonderful nature.
calla lilies

124. The cake my children made with Adam’s help. They love baking – and for them to make a cake for me made them happy.
cake making

125. The pile of dirt I gifted myself with birthday money 🙂 (even though I really really really really wanted to spend it on fabric!)
pile of garden soil

126. That my sister in law got me the book Sewing Green without prompting! She set out to buy Week-end Sewing (a book I had asked for!) but couldn’t find it. I’m happy I have sewing green 🙂

127. That my sister’s gift was meals for my freezer – and that I can even put special requests in. FANTASTIC GIFT!

128. That I’ve decided to start a photo-a-day project. Every year I have good intention of starting it on Jan 1st – and it never works out. I realized I needed to start at a different time of the year – and figured a photo a day – every day that I am 30 – sounds like a good idea! Fingers crossed it goes 365 days!

129. Toes in the grass.
toes in grass

130. Rhubarb… I’m guessing I’ll be able to bake something with it by next week-end!

131. The incredible amount of work that has gone into my garden box. I’m thankful for Adam & my mother’s help. We’ve had to remove a lot of crazy tall ‘over takes everything’ grass, dig & level the boxes and fill… I thought it would be a simple enough project — but it’s proved to be long and made use of
muscles I haven’t used in a long time! Seeing both boxes ready to be planted/seeded makes me incredibly happy!

132. Actually planting some stuff! Now I’ve got just about everything crossed that it grows nicely! Garden Planting Day was such a FUN day at home growing up for me — the kids “helped” – Alexandre planted onions like a pro, with Alexandre like concentration! They have their very own garden beside the garden

boxes as well – our attempt at keeping them out of mine. We’ll see how that goes!

133. Lazy week-ends, which is exactly what this week-end was. Bliss.

134. My new teapot, a gift from Adam.
new teapot

135. Mushroom Burgers. Oh so good.
mushroom burger mixture

136. Twinspeak. Alexandre & Elizabeth have full conversation in an obscure language. While I wish I understood it – at the same time, I love that they have this. A twin perk for sure.

137. Windchimes. They’ve been making LOTS of music lately.

138. Beautiful Skies; they actually started my obsession with photography as a teenager.
beautiful sky

139. Empty planters, and the promise of wonderful to come. We have a trip to the nursery planned this week!
empty pots

140. My fortune from my fortune cookie with Sunday’s dinner: “Planned projects will bring you profit”

141. Fidleheads. Who doesn’t love how cool they grow?

142. Fisherman’s pants/skirts. Amazingly clever creations.

143. Eat, Pray, Love. I’m currently reading the book and wishing I was in India.

144. how I’ve gone from watching way too much tv (a while ago) to watching nearly none. We’re cancelling tv for the summer and only getting it back in the fall for sports since my husband is a fanatic!

145. Fireflies – they’re coming 🙂

146. That our new windows are being installed sometime this week (hopefully). We’re changing the size of our upstairs windows – the airflow advantage will be amazing!

147. That FLIP-FLOP weather is finally here 🙂

148. The Bench Monday photo pool on flickr. So fun!

149. The feeling of hope that is very much alive in our home at the moment. happy happy thoughts.


9 thoughts on “Ten (times three) things I love right now…

  1. Annie- this post of yours made me very happy! I love the photo of the pots all in a row and I wish I could pop round for a cup of tea out of that lovely pot!!!! (I think you should bring it when you move to Scotland- wink, wink!)

  2. Joyeux anniversaire à toi Annie! Je te souhaite une année bien remplie de mille et un projets plein d’amour et de réalisation!

    J’aime beaucoup ta liste, elle reflète bien la femme accomplie que tu sembles être! Quelle belle gratitude…

    Bonne fête encore!

    Manon xx

  3. Cette liste est en soi un beau cadeau d’anniversaire du type à MOI de MOI avec amour!!!
    J’adore ton idée d’annuler la tv pour la période estivale…

    Trente ans!! BONNE FÊTE Annie! je te souhaite d’accomplir ton projet photo! Choisiras-tu un thème en particulier (enfants, visage, paysage… ou la vie en générale?!)

  4. Happy Birthday, from a woman just past forty to one just entering thirty. All the best to you. I love your idea of committing to a photo a day. I find these sorts of projects keep the creative juices flowing. Good luck.

  5. Happy Birthday, Annie! I found my 30’s to be my favorite decade so far :). Such lovely photos as always, can’t wait to see your garden grow!

  6. Thank you everybody for the beautiful wishes 🙂

    I think my thirties will be pretty spectacular, if i do say so myself 🙂

  7. Catherine, mon projet d’une photo par jour – c’est un peu de tout – et j’espère prendre le temps de faire plusieurs auto-portraits — on verra!

  8. welcome to 30’s, i’m 33 now so far i feel more like a grown-up then i did in my 20’s. i love your dirt, i look forward to seeing what comes out of it.

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