Spring Interrupted

In february we were lucky to have a beautiful spring day in the middle of winter. Yesterday, we were lucky to have a gorgeous summer day in the middle of spring.

I sent a few “bathing suit + water” photographs yesterday to friends and commented “in April? really?” and one of my friends wrote back with this…

Just an observation – I was cleaning up some email and I noticed the following:
On April 7 you said “it’s a hot chocolate afternoon after playing in the snow. Um… april?! haha.”
And then yesterday (20 days later)… Y FAIT CHAUD!! Annie and 2 crazy happy wet kiddos!
Isn’t it great to live in Canada!

Yes, indeed. It is a great place to live! four very distinct seasons — and sometimes, when we’re lucky — we get the odd random misplaced day during a seasonal inturruption — and it makes us smile.

Here’s too many photographs of us celebrating summer yesterday! Today, it’s rainy and cooler, much much cooler!

Alexandre, happy!

Diapers in the sun… bliss! 🙂
diapers on the line :)

afternoon fruit snack while running in and out of misting cold water!
fruit snack

Alexandre refused his bathing suit — and got 98% soaked and happy in his clothes! and he dried in no time – that’s how hot it was yesterday!
Alexandre + water

Elizabeth + water

at 5pm…

Favorite summertime dish to accompany anything on the BBQ!
Greek Salad (pasta)

Winding down after dinner… with a puzzle on the deck!
Elizabeth with a puzzle outside


3 thoughts on “Spring Interrupted

  1. Hi Annie, c’était une réelle journée d’été lundi en banlieue de Montréal. Je me suis fait prendre en sortant du bureau vers 15h, je suffoquais!! Nous avons sorti la petite piscine et les maillots et les enfants se sont vraiment amusé!!! Mon voisin de 10 ans était abasourdi de les voir… se baigner au mois d’avril………. so what. Saisir le moment quand il passe n’est-ce pas?
    Ce matin mon fils voulait mettre des shorts, j’ai dit ok, va voir si tu es bien sur la galerie…. torse nu il est rentré rapidement!!! bon mercredi.4

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