Ten Things I Love Right Now…


110. How Alexandre insists on calling the Percheron’s on our daily drives “elephants”

111. How I managed to make Talia’s birthday gift out of stashed fabrics.
doll in dress

112. Spring: a.k.a. “takes seconds vs long long minutes get get out and play”

113. How much Elizabeth adores her new hat and how Alexandre named his “too big” but still wears it. He refers to it as “too big” not hat.
Elizabeth's new hat.

Elizabeth in her new hat

Alexandre's new hat

114. How silly the kids were at dinner on Sunday.
Silly kids!

115. How Adam took care of dinner and other random things while I was sick last week… and how he washed the car with Elizabeth and Alexandre on Sunday afternoon while I napped! (I cannot remember when I last had a chance to nap!)

116. Bright greenery on my dinning table.

117. GARDEN BOX made by my wonderful husband & children…
making of garden box

gardne box

118. My ONE sock. Must knit second sock!!
My very first SOCK!

119. How blessed my children are to have each other…


7 thoughts on “Ten Things I Love Right Now…

  1. Annie, sometimes I wonder if you secretly visit my brain. I’m (um, he’s) building a rasied garden bed, too! Veggies or flowers for you? Veggies here. 🙂 Hooray, Spring!

  2. Oh my goodness, what sweetness in your life! The photo of your little ones brought a little tear to my eye for all of it’s loveliness…

    PS- Your one sock is gorgeous, can’t wait to see it’s match 🙂

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