A handmade doll

for my wonderful 4 year old god daugther…. we celebrated her birthday this week-end, and this is the gift I made for her. I was still sewing the morning of the party since this week had been a rough week in our home with colds and such!

I bought the pattern from Wee Wonderfuls and all the materials used for this project was on hand. My stash is tiny tiny — but it worked out beautifully 🙂 Her hair isn’t as dark as photographed here – and you can’t see the details in these photos – but it turned out adorable!



This is how she was dressed when Talia unrapped her 🙂
doll in dress

doll, pink outfit

This fabric is a shirt I wore a few times – but it never fit me right. I really liked the embrodery on it – and will most likely make something for Elizabeth out of the rest of the fabric — but I have to wait a bit because it has tiny beads and Elizabeth loves taking those things off!!

The paisley is left over from my ring sling ‘accent’ fabric from 2 1/2 years ago! and the green dress is left over from Elizabeth’s halloween costume!
green shirt/dress

pink outfit

And finally the shoes… see how there’s an error? that’s what happens when you’re STILL sewing minutes before you have to leave for a party!

Oh, and I just wanted to share this — these are the BEST sleeves I’ve EVER sewn!! I’m not a fan of sewing sleeves usually – because it’s rare they turn out beautiful… I was quite impressed with these 🙂
beautiful sleeves!


4 thoughts on “A handmade doll

  1. Oh Annie! Comme tout cela est magnifique! Quels merveilleux cadeaux tu as fait pour cette chanceuse petite fille! Il n’y a rien – vraiment, rien – de plus beau qu’une poupée faite à la main. Tu as fait des petites merveilles comme vêtements. Bravo! J’adore.

  2. You did so well with the outfits! I only managed the dress before I decided that tiny garments might not be for me…

    I decided that I had to check out your blog and leave a note because I am always seeing your comments over at SouleMama (and maybe other blogs that I visit too, I think) and I’ll read them and think “Oh, there is the other Annie.” So I thought I’d see what you are all about 🙂

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