Haircut Day!

Sunday morning turned into a hair cutting morning this week-end! Elizabeth got her ‘first’ hair cut (the only thing i had ever cut of her hair were her ‘bangs’ a tiny tiny bit twice out of pure necessity) She did VERY well even though she’s not nearly as patient as Alexandre when it comes to this sort of thing. Alexandre on the other hand sat calmly through HER haircut and then his – without problems at all 🙂 And thankfully, this haircut is much nicer than the last one I gave him (which was 100% my fault, not his – he’s always great at sitting still for his haircuts !)

Here’s a before photo. It’s a snap from last week when they were helping papa draw up house plans — Elizabeth’s hair was quite wild and messy and kept getting tangled — it was seriously time for a haircut.
before the hair cut

And here’s the after. (although Alexandre has had a few touch ups after i took the photos!)

new hair

Ella looks absolutely adorable. Like a little big girl. I’m always sad to cut their hair & the aftermath — but I’m very happy that Elizabeth’s haircut turned out nicely!!

after haircut

new hair

after hair cut


One thought on “Haircut Day!

  1. I loved cutting my kids’ hair when they were little, especially their bangs. I always thought they looked so cute and grown up afterwards. Now, it’s off to the barber shop. I recently tried to cut my 5-year-old son’s hair myself and made a true mess of things.

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