Ten Things I Love Right Now…

100. Cloth Paper Scissors STUDIOS magazine that came in almost in surprise. Not really, since I ordered it… but for some reason I thought it was for months away (not sure why i thought that) so when it came this week I was SUPER excited! I bought it because i read Betz White’s blog. I need to stop reading fabulous blogs that make me impulse buy things!!


101. A vistit to the children’s museum with my sister…. with photos coming soon.
Renee & Elizabeth

102. A visit to the Biodome, the four of us, alone… with photos coming soon.

103. Using old pants to make a lining for a bag… they were used to a point of no repair. Adam was about to throw them out… but I stopped him in time!
ruined pants!!

104. The progress in our basement. My brother worked hard with my dad & adam’s help. And Adam’s dad has done A LOT of work with the electricity. It’s coming together!
new wall

Alexandre  & Construction

105. The decision to NOT put an extension on our home at the moment. We need it — and it will most likely happen at some other point in time – but for right now, having finally taken A decision about it helped – and not having the stress of construction this spring is huge for our family since we have an actual need for very little stress in the coming months…

106. Sewing. I’ve put my sewing machine ON my desk in MY creative space — and it’s helped a lot. I don’t have to “set up and take down” — or go hide in the cold dark basement… it’s so much easier when it’s accessible like that. I wish I could sew a little bit everyday. I love sewing.

107.How my children were trying to shovel winter away on the week-end!
Shovelling winter away

108. How my husband took the kids to play IN the rain on Sunday. It was cold — they bundled up and went to play… I nominate him for father of the year 🙂
playing in the rain

109. My new wall decal… one of my ‘little word for 2009’ – found it at the dollar store and couldn’t resist! It’s right beside my computer and beside my [daydreaming] window.


One thought on “Ten Things I Love Right Now…

  1. Je termine là-dessus ce soir… nos vies se ressemblent. Nous avons terminé le sous-sol (et refait à cause d’un dégât d’eau en janvier….) et nous pensions à un agrandissement mais je crois qu’on s’en passera… je ne suis PLUS CAPABLE de la construction-rénovation. Ça fait 6 ans qu’on est dedans et j’ai mon quota……………………… je sympathise avec toi, tu seras ravie quand tout sera à sa place!!! Si tu as un escalier… nous l’avons utilisé pour faire une maison aux enfants avec peinture-tableau noi et fenêtre-comptoir pour jouer au magasin… je ferai une chronique là-dessus prochainement…4

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