A play mat…

I’ve had plans of making this since… November I think. I finally bought the wool in February. The fact that it’s completed 12 days before Easter is an AMAZING accomplishement! Granted, it’s not quite completed, but mostly!

I didn’t know how to lay my base — and while I thought about it, I didn’t figure it out — but of course now that I’m done I know exactly what I should have done. Oops. I have a few holes in my fabric… that I’m going to have to get creative about fixing.

Also — I didn’t make my top layer thick enough. I totally thought it was – even though it said to make it 1″ — by looking at my mat I thought “this will be fine”. I was wrong… again, I’ll have to get creative about fixing issues!

Finally — my base shared fibers in the felting process – so I have an “overlay” of deep purple/brownish on my mat – but i’m just going to pretend it’s earth!

Oh and my caves — not well made at all. I now know how I could make this playmat much much much better — but of course i’m out of wool. I figure I’ll watch the children play with it — and maybe make them a new one for their birthday or christmas with another theme.

My initial goal was to make it a farm (like in the premier issue of Living Crafts) and I was even going to mimic my parents farm — but then thought that was imposing what should be where — and I was happier with them playing with a “blank nature canvas” not “a specific farm”. We’ll see, I might eventually make it…

I do have to say that felting wool is INCREDIBLE. It’s such an amazing thing to create — fabric out of whispy fibres? really? YES! strong durable fabrics at that. amazing!

On with the overload of photos!

Laying the base…

Laying Elements…
A lake

before the process began...

Soaked & Soapy!

All rolled up! (note to self: make mat quite a bit smaller than your bubble wrap. I was hanging over an edge and that’s really not good!)
all rolled up!

Voila! Mat, drying.

and a few needle felted flowers — I hope to add more!
pink flowers!

Yellow Flowers!

Now, onto the bunnies & ducks that need to be sewn for this playscape! 🙂


10 thoughts on “A play mat…

  1. I’m stunned, it looks fabulous!!! That may just be due to the fact that you are also an amazing photographer, but I don’t see any of the imperfections that you speak of. Well done!!!

  2. Amazing Annie. Moi j’trouve que tu as très bien réussi. C’est jamais comme on le veut mais les enfants n’y verront que du feu. Maintenant tu peux créer des animaux, des lutins… Connais-tu l’INCROYABLE artiste du feutre, Andrea Graham… je viens de l’ajouter à mes favoris… Bonne soirée.4.

  3. Seule toi peut voir les imperfections car de mon côté, je vois des heures et des heures de plaisir à jouer avec cette magnifique réalisation! Les enfants vont l’adorer! D’ailleurs, à ce propos, j’ai remarqué que les enfants adorent tout ce que leur maman fait et ne voient jamais les imperfections! C’est bien fait les enfants! ;-))

    En tout cas, bravo pour les résultats! Je suis impressionnée! 😉

  4. Thank you everybody for the replies!

    The only issue I’m actually a little worried about is that there are holes the kids might make bigger ‘because they can’ kind of thing — that’s the only thing I’d like to ‘fix’ — otherwise, I know that they’ll love playing with it.

    When Adam saw it when he got home from work (i had sent him photos at work) he said “the photos don’t do it justice — it’s much nicer in person” 🙂

  5. Annie- that is wonderful, such lovely colors and the flowers turned out so pretty! I’ve had the materials to make a playscape, but not the motivation until reading this post. Thank you so much for showing the steps, our meadow may *just* get completed by this summer ;}

  6. I would be very interested in hearing about what worked and didn’t for these mats! I am working on making some like this for my children. I like the idea of adding the hills and caves- did it work well? Please let me know, thanks!!

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