Sunshine & Crafting…

I made this felted ball at a parentinig workshop I attend once a month. It’s funny how you start a project and it often turns into something completely different, isn’t it? Next month we’ll needle felt over this – and knowing this I set out to make a blue/green ball to needle felt fun things over it… and ended up with this…? Must have been my mood speaking through my intentions! it’s got a bell in the middle — and the kids are very excited by it!


My socks! I am taking a workshop on “how to knit socks” because I would love nothing more than for somebody to show me how to turn the heel at least once… and I’ve started this sock 4 times. The pattern I was working with needed me to use bigger needles and I didn’t like the look of the ribbing… it wasn’t tight enough for such fine yarn… So I did something very different for me (and for most i’m guessing!) I knitted a swatch with the needle size I wanted to use (2.5 — it’s the smallest I had and couldn’t get anything different — by next thursday I have to be done the leg part — and so i don’t have much time to waste — I have to build a lot of ‘just in case’ time in all my projects!!) anyways — with the yarn I had & the needles I wanted to use I ended up with the gage I needed to find in sock patterns… thankgoodness there’s A WHOLE lot of free sock pattern out there on the internet 🙂

I settled on the Monkey Pattern – Knitting Winter 2006.


Saturday was a crazy beautiful sunny spring day. The best kind. We got to spend time in the yard… prepping our garden area (vegetable garden will be a new venture for us this spring/summer/fall and I can’t wait!!! I grew up with a huge garden – and I’ve said I was going to put one in our yard since we moved here – but there’s always been an excuse/reason not to… but this year, we’re growing SOMETHING. Not sure what yet, but something for sure 🙂

The BEST part about these beautiful sunny warm days… NO BUGS!! The bugs we have unfortunately keep us indoor at times – they’re so bad in our forested yard…! (they’re not nearly as bad even accross the street where they have very few trees and lots of sunny spots intead of mostly shade like us!)




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