Spring is springing…

although in a weird way this year… We have a tiny patch of grass – but mostly, we have LOTS of snow. LOTS. It’s a weird March – it’s been so cold that the snow hasn’t really started melting — so the really warm days that are finally here are working hard at melting all the snow — it’s not yet all muddy in our yard because of this! We live in a very forested yard though — many houses on our street have “more spring” than us right now!

These spring photographs are also a little bit of documenting our carport… because we’re hoping that it will soon be a part of our home, as living space. So I thought I would take photos of the kids puddle jumping in the hopefully-soon-to-be-extension — that they might get a kick at looking at these photos in a few years — not really remembering when the extension wasn’t a part of our home. We’re only dreaming of this extension right now, we’re not 100% sure it’s coming.

getting dirty!
a little dirty!

A walk...



big puddle


New Coat

heading out ...


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