A mini wall of photos…

I was inspired by Nathalie @ Tchoubi to share my little photo wall 🙂

Mini Photo Wall

We don’t have a mudroom (something we’re hoping to change shortly!) and we finally put up a coat rack last fall to try to control the clutter a little… the “entrance” is in our kitchen… and this is on the wall I stare at while doing all the food prep… and the minute it went up I knew I had to put photos above it!

We’ve had all these frames since before we were married (5 1/2 years ago!)! My sister hosted a bridal shower for us – and she wanted to do it with a theme…. and we had everything we “needed” when it comes to typical bridal gifts (a lot we had duplicates of actually since we merged 2 apts into one house when we moved in together!) and so I asked that it be “wooden photo frames” to create a beautiful wall of photos! We still have many many empty frames but we have many many memories to make, so in time they’ll all be filled 🙂

We put these up — and I filled them with photographs I already had on hand, printed. If I waited to print some “specifically for this project” we’d probably still have empty frames!!


3 thoughts on “A mini wall of photos…

  1. Thank you Micha & Maribeth…

    Maribeth – looks can be oh-so-deceiving! I’m addicted to things to make us organized — but in the end, chaos rules our home most often!

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