Who does she think she is?

Tonight I had plans with a few women photographers that I know to go see the movie “Who does she think she is?” since it’s in Ottawa tonight and tomorrow. Thank you to Catherine for letting me know it was coming to Ottawa! Merci beaucoup Catherine!

But…… I’m still sick, too sick to go — and it’s disappointing.

Now, I guess I will have to anxiously wait till it comes out on DVD — since tomorrow isn’t feasible for me either. It was oh-so-close!

I did want to post quickly (before I head back to the sofa with my hot tea and cozy blankets) to wish all the interesting women who read my blog a wonderful International Women’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Who does she think she is?

  1. I’m so sorry for you……………

    You are more than welcome to see it in Montréal… this friday or saturday… Let me know. Only 2 hours from home…
    Otherwise I will let you know…
    Take care of you & family but YOU first…4.

  2. Merci Catherine!
    J’y ai pensé de me rendre a Montréal — mais nous avons des plans la fin de semaine prochaine!
    J’ai hâte d’entendre ce que tu en as pensé!

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