Converting the ‘nursery’…

We’re in the process of changing the bedrooms around upstairs — our upstairs is a ‘den’ like area & a huge master bedroom… together they make up the whole floor space of the rest of the house.

Before the babes were born, we made a “nursery” in the den area. When we bought the house – they actually had a nursery there for their toddler. BUT…. of course our children NEVER slept there. ever ever actually. We had 2 cribs (and 2 1/2 yrs later they’re still “brand new!”) We knew they’d spend at least the first six months in our room (at that point we thought sharing a crib!) Turns out they’ve been co-sleeping with us instead 🙂

Back to the point of the post… We’ve been wanting to set up a bedroom for them because we’d like for them to one day sleep the night in THEIR beds 🙂 (in anticipation of hopefully one day siblings for the monkeys) but we couldn’t make their bedroom the upstairs den – because there’s no wall – so it’s just “up stairs” and all noises of the rest of the house can be heard!!

So into “our” room they go (or stay really since they’ve only ever slept in there) and we moved our bed a while back into that area. We’re now in the process of making both rooms more room like 🙂 It’s a long-ish process, but that’s ok — it’ll be great in the end!

My only “issue” is that i LOVE the colour on the walls of their room – and the yellow from the nursery, not so much — but Adam did say “I’m not painting!” (which i can’t blame in – we have so many projects to do — and the paint colour is just not that big of a deal!!)

I’ll share more as it comes more together 🙂

oh and we’ve been sick here with a cold — that’s why there has been a silence for quite a while….
AND my computer isn’t letting me upload photos at the moment — so i haven’t posted because I can’t share photos – and I guess I feel naked without photos in my posts!!


2 thoughts on “Converting the ‘nursery’…

  1. Ah! Les joies du co-dodo! C’est une tradition ici aussi! Ça laisse toujours un petit vide lorsque les petits intègrent leur propre chambre. Mais on y gagne un peu en liberté!

    J’ai hâte de voir des photos de la chambre des petits!

    Contente de te savoir de retour! Bonne santé! 😉

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