Ten Things I love Right Now…

81. My beautiful ‘one word’ necklace from Lisa Leonard that I received last week!
Hope Necklace

82. How everything is now a colour for my children – It’s amazing. Pjs are no longer pjs they’re ‘red’ or ‘purple’ or ‘orange’ or ‘pink’ 🙂 for example! Storytime is incredible with this amazing development 🙂 Especially with this book!
Colourful Book

83. How they each have their favorite bedtime story book — Alexandre’s right now is ‘the seven silly eaters’ and Elizabeth’s is ‘One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish’ by Dr. Seuss.
Current Favorites

84. How they both have their unique word for hockey – Elizabeth says ‘wawa’ (where that comes from is beyond any of us!) and Alexandre says ‘Khockey’ 🙂 and it’s now usually followed by SCORE!

85. My finally revamped photography website & galleries. Going through my work to pick my favorites was a great excercise!

86. Adam for coming home from work way way early on friday because I was sick. I slept more on Friday than I recall sleeping in the last 3 years! and Saturday I felt better – thankfully!

87. The Spring issue of Living Crafts — it was a welcomed sign of spring to come! This looks like a nice little Easter gift… 🙂
88. The incredibly beautiful roving wool I bought yesterday — it was SO hard to contain myself and not leave with all of it. I got a crazy quantity of lime green… 🙂 and a bunch of others! I want to make a painting with wool – looks so beautiful & relaxing (i could use some of that right about now!) and I really want to make a spring doll… for starters 🙂 oh – and a pin cushion. I don’t really have one… and it’s crazy cause i’m forever looking for my pins!
Roving wool

89. That I bought tickets to go see Johnny Reid (i love love love his voice!) and I’m going with my best friend — who I don’t see nearly enough! I am SO looking forward to it.

90. How excited the kids (especially Elizabeth) were to have fresh strawberries this week — funny when it seems to be a highlight for a two year old! Makes you realize it’s all in the littlest things 🙂
Fresh Strawberry


9 thoughts on “Ten Things I love Right Now…

  1. Quelles belles images de laine feutrée! Les couleurs sont magnifiques! Tellement de possibilité avec ce matériel. J’ai justement loué un livre pour fabriquer plein de trucs. A la maison du Conte de Justin, nous avions fabriqué une grande citrouille et des petites souris…. avec une histoire c’est tellement magique pour les enfants… des images ici:
    a bientôt, j’ai hâte de voir tes créations!

  2. Annie, Annie, Annie, je suis allée visiter ton nouveau blogsite et j’en suis toute émue!

    Comme tes photos, tes oeuvres sont magnifiques! Il en émerge tant d’amour! Comme j’aimerais rester près de chez toi pour y faire une session photo en famille…vraiment!

    Ton blogsite est très beau et professionnel! C’est toi qui fait tout ça toute seule? Si oui, je n’en reviens pas! Tu as donc tous les talents!!

    En tout cas, félicitations mille fois pour ta fabuleuse entreprise. BRAVO!!

  3. Bonsoir Julie, sur les bons conseils de Manon j’suis venu faire mon tour. VRAI que nous avons besoin de COULEURS, de FRUITS frais… Who’s does she think she is? sera à Ottawa bientôt, va sur mon blogue ou celui de Manon pour plus d’infos::
    March 8-9th // OTTAWA
    7:00 p.m.
    Mayfair Theatre
    1074 Bank Street
    Ottawa, ON K1S 3X3
    (613) 730-6552
    Director Pamela Tanner Boll and artist Janis Mars Wunderlich in attendance.

  4. I have a Lisa Leonard necklace as well. My family gave it to me for my birthday – it has my kids names on it. I LOVE it! I checked out your photography website. Gorgeous.

  5. PhD in Parenting tweeted about this site to me, and I am so grateful! I can’t wait to spend more time on here. Everything I’ve seen here so far has made me smile. Wonderful blog! Hope you won’t mind if I add you to my blog roll 🙂

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