A Valentine Week-End

a heart hearts


I was inspired by Ali (in this post who was inpsired by PotteryBarn) and cut out hearts to make somewhat of a mobile to hang over our dinning room table. It took everything I had because it ment I was then out of red felt and I HATE being out of something “just in case i might need it for another project” but then…. that makes no sense since this project wouldn’t have gotten made! I’m working on that issue!! Of course I procrastinated after cutting the hearts (and the kids were both sick last week – so nothing was normal!) and my 2D hearts turned into 3D hearts after I was inspired by On a Whim via the Crafty Crow. See — procrastination CAN pay off! haha. (I have to tell myself that at times!)


And these are the valentine’s my children got on Saturday morning. On friday night I thought they’d be getting nothing… i felt horrible. I had started these little heart dolls (from the premier issue of Living Crafts)– so i just rushed to finish them… (and it shows, but hey – they still love them!) I had hoped to make them pjs too – but didn’t get a chance since our week was interrupted by sickness. (and because i procrastinate – cause i could have had them done before the week of!)

Saturday everybody was feeling better thankfully! We baked our traditional (since I was little) heart shapped chocolate cake in the morning for dinner that evening…
Making the Cake

Valentine's Day Cake!

cake + hearts

And Sunday morning, the whole family made waffles together!
waffle making!

waffle making



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