Winter Interrupted

Yesterday was a crazy beautiful spring day — in mid-february. We embraced it and went on a LOOOOOOONG walk to enjoy and soak it in as much as possible!

winter interrupted
The ‘rain drops’ aren’t from rain — they’re from melting snow off the roof — it was that mild! We could hear “rain” all along our walk — but it was just snow melting and dripping! (today…. it’s really raining though!)

carrying very important mail
Elizabeth carried the mail the whole way home….

hat + yellow ball!
Alexandre walked with this yellow ball most of the way…

I just love the textures here 🙂 I made the hat, not the beautiful sweater though! it’s a souvenir from Newfoundland.

fixing the wagon
We took a few breaks to ‘fix the wagon’ along the way….

tired toddlers
And this is the wonderful scene I found minutes before nap…. happily exhausted toddlers, cuddling for story time – all on their own. How blessed are we?


7 thoughts on “Winter Interrupted

  1. C’est vrai qu’on avait envie de prendre un énorme bol d’air.. un vent printannier totalement bienvenue même sous la pluie! J’aime ta photo à travers la fenêtre remplie de goutelettes!

  2. I’ve recently found your blog and think it is beautiful. Did you use a pattern for the stripy hats? My little girl is growing out of all hers at the moment so I need to make a new one, so her ears stay warm! Will return again to see some more inspiring photos.

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