A lazy Sunday…

We had lots to do this week-end… lots on our to-do list that we really really wanted to get done… but yesterday turned out more of a lazy Sunday than anything else, and that’s ok!

Started out by making fresh scones for breakfast. I love these scones!

Then Alexandre and I prepped the kitchen and the vegetables and the herbs for a long simmering spaghetti sauce while Adam & Elizabeth went out to get a few random things we were missing…

Vegetables for Spag. Sauce

Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices

Then we went for an afternoon skate – their first time on ‘skates’!! They said they had fun when it was all done — Elizabeth actually started saying the word FUN today – how great is that? but the reality of it is that it was a quick scared skate — a few minutes each, then we watched some hockey being played and then went down the dragon a few times (it was dragon fest this week-end – and today we had the huge snow dragon practically to ourselves!)





Watching Hockey with amazing concentration…
Watching Hockey

Then we came home, turned on the fireplace and enjoyed our spaghetti!


Sometimes lazy is good.


5 thoughts on “A lazy Sunday…

  1. Wow! Comme tes photos sont fabuleuses! Sérieusement, tu pourrais faire un livre!

    Ta recette de scones serait-elle disponible? Ils ont l’air tellllllllement bons!!! 😉

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