Handmade Inspiration…

I did very well last year making most gifts that I gifted throughout the year – including for christmas, which we all know is the most challenging part since the volume of gifts increases by quite a bit!

This year, I will do BETTER — and if for whatever reason I cannot do it myself, I will try to buy handmade by somebody else.

I decided to keep an inspiration board of sorts for my office — as a reminder, and as encouragement! I can so do this! 🙂 I think I need some of these mini clothes pins — cause as it is — it’s not so nice!


And on this same topic — I’ve just ordered labels & stickers for my gifts — I’m still looking for fabric tags… but for now, I’ll have a little tag that looks like this… they’ll be printed as moo cards – and moo stickers. I simply scribled the heart & signed a piece of white paper and scanned it — and voila!
on the front (I’ll have about 10 different ones with different colours!)

and on the back it will say

and have space for me to write (by hand) the care instructions and/or materials used

and this is what my stickers look like 🙂


2 thoughts on “Handmade Inspiration…

  1. J’adore!! Tout! La corde à linge inspirante, les étiquettes faites à la main et surtout, le fait que tu te donnes autant pour ceux que tu aimes! Bravo!!

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