Ten things I love right now…

10. Curried Cauliflower soup from a favorite recipe book – Eat, Shrink & be Merry. I made a double batch this week — for lunch with friends on Tuesday – and leftovers/lunches for Adam!


9. The fabric I ordered this week — I cannot wait to see the packages roll in! Like these two fabrics – a yard of each…. I’m not sure what I’m making with it – but I have lots of ideas! (much more than 2 yards worth… but that’s why I ordered other great stuff too!)


8. How Elizabeth is now saying “snow, snow, go away…” when really I think she means “cold cold weather, go away!”

7. This little ‘corner of my home’ – my view from the kitchen ‘working’ counter — It bugs me that our entrance is in the kitchen — but yesterday I couldn’t help but love how the scarves were hanging together and their colours… beside the aprons! That is my only apron – which is silly really because I LOVE aprons!! I need to make myself a new one!
Scarves & Aprons

6. That my children’s vocabulary are expanding daily and how they love to ask (especially Alexandre) “Ok Mama?” and how Elizabeth just starting saying “Mama… hug!”

5. How much Alexandre LOVES hockey. We went to see Adam play on Saturday — and he was glued to the game the whole time.

4. That Elizabeth is down to diapers for nap + night only now 🙂

3. Skype. Without which my children would never see their aunt in New Zealand.

2. The renewed sense of hope that I am finally feeling again… that I pray lasts and gets stronger for the next few months.

1. How I hit the jackpot finding out that a yarn store in the area is closing it’s doors… I’m sad, because it was VERY convinient for me to get there — but happy at the same time because I just got a whole lot of yarn for a lot less money! It could be slightly dangerous between now and April 30th (when she closes!)


How could I NOT buy yarn named Hug?
Hug Yarn


One thought on “Ten things I love right now…

  1. I love the fabric it is so bright and vibrant, a nice contrast to winter whites, post your creations. That soup sounds great, I’m going to go and see if there is a copy at my library.

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