Beautiful Crafting Books….

Here are a few of the latest crafting books that have been added to my bookshelf… It’s almost an overload of sorts…. because I’m now faced with too many beautiful project ideas and I don’t know where to start!


1. Dressmaker’s Technique Bible — I wanted something I can have open flat beside me while sewing if necessary for little things.

2. Making Waldorf Dolls — a daydreaming book — dollmaking is so magical – I can’t wait to see a few dolls come together… I need to order supplies.

3. Week-end Knitting — this is a book I gave my sister a few winters ago when she was knitting… but she’s since stopped knitting completely — so I asked if I could borrow the book and keep it in my library until she started knitting again. She said yes!

4. AlterKnits – Felt — I think this book is beautiful and full of vibrant photographs – and the projects are so cool. I think felting is an amazing art/craft — although the ‘instant gratification’ part of me is still having a hard time with the part that needs to knit a project much larger than the final piece…. that seems counter productive. That seems ‘anti-instant-gratification’ haha. But it’s so beautiful. I looked at this book for a long long long time on a rare visit to a bookstore by myself – read a few patterns fully — and asked santa for it.  Glad Santa brought it! It was hard to leave it there that day… I was thinking that that beautiful cloche hat you see in the galery linked above was going to be my first project, but i’m not sure!

and not photographed here (simply cause i forgot to grab it!) is this new book
Baby Beanies – I asked for this book because I know Amanda Keeys (online) as a professional photographer — and thought ‘how cool!’ that she had a book. It’s got lots of great hats — i just need to start knitting some! I want to knit a stash for baby showers & new arrivals into our circle!

I also have 50$ to spend on natural fibre yarns at wabi-sabi— and I can’t figure out what I’d like to start with! I know… rough life! haha.

Oh, and I love love love Melanie Falick Book’s site about crafting books!  I should send it to my husband and say ‘free for all, anything mentioned here would be a perfect gift anytime! birthday, mother’s day, just because days…


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