A week away…

My husband is on a business trip for a week — and so we’ve decided to spend the week at my parents! Alexandre hasn’t been sleeping as well as he should (not well at all actually!) but last night was finally great — which means today is a much easier day for everybody 🙂 I’ve already hung one load of laundry to dry, a second one is in the machine and we’ve made play dough 🙂 all by 10am!

It’s interesting to change their ‘setting’ for a few days in a row… they’re exploring differently than they do in their known domain… news things to see and do at every turn here! And of course there’s a kitchen that isn’t childproofed like at home — they’re having a blast!

On Monday we had such amazing vegetable soup that my mom made… it was delicious – and the kids thought so too – Alexandre asking for more and more! 🙂

Alexandre is sitting in the highchair from when I was little 🙂 (well, when all of us were little)

They also got to see a huge tractor in action — pushing snow! Talk about a highlight for two 2 year olds 🙂 and even better when grand-papa came out of the tractor and waved 🙂

And this was the view by beautiful sunlight… (photo is lacking in contrast, but i’m not home in my things… so i have to accept this!)

And birds at the feeder… it’s amazing to me how bird watching can make a busy toddler stand completely still for a while…

Now that the sleeping seems to be going better… I’m back to enjoying my semi-vacation… the best part…… I don’t have to meal plan. Am i the only one that likes cooking but not the meal planning? Starting on Sunday – I have to start sitting down to properly plan & make a grocery list weekly — to try to avoid the last minute planning. It doesn’t work well! Once upon a time, I was much more organized when it came to groceries & meals… I realized that because of that I wasn’t very good at sponteneous cooking – which made our weekly seasonal organic vegetable basket a little difficult to get through — so i stopped planning so much…. well, now i seem to have bigger issues — so back to planning I go 🙂


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