Ten things I love right now…

10. How both my children’s vocabulary seems to have skyrocketed in the last few days. Elizabeth with sentences and Alexandre with a bunch of new words he wasn’t saying.

9. Tickle-fest. Alexandre LOVES to be ticked till he says “ALL DONE” and then seconds later says “again! again! again!” (or ‘encore! encore! encore!’) and Elizabeth comes along wanting the same — but you really have to work at making her laugh the same way cause she’s not nearly as ticklish as Alexandre… for him, you hardly have to touch him and he’s in stiches. Just like his mama.

8. My inspiration board. I’ve had an empty board in my office that I’ve decided to finally convert into an inspiration board. It’s a work in progress — mostly because I really want inspiring things on there and not just “things i come accross TODAY” kind of thing 🙂

the beginning of my inspiration board


7. Crafting without deadline. I LOVED the christmas gifts I created… but it’s nice to not have such a hard deadline 🙂 The next deadline is Valentine’s day (i want to make a little red ‘doll’ and a purple one for the kiddos and a few valentines).

6. Lisa Leonard’s jewelry — I’m thinking of ordering her new design ‘word of the year’ with ‘hope’ – one of my little words for 2009

5. Snow days where adults get sent home early from work, like on tuesday 🙂

4. The mass decluttering/purging that took place in my office on Monday. I was oh-so-tired of the mess – and while I still have lots of organizing to do — it feels so much better! If I ever get it all together I’ll post a photo of my space 🙂 I need to organize my crafting supplies properly in my office as well – right now, it’s mostly my business stuff – and my crafting piles are getting bigger and bigger and bigger!

3. The amazing handmade gifts ideas I’ve gotten from amazing crafting people out there that share on their blogs… Last year almost all my gifts were handmade — but this year, I will do even better! I’m also planning on making things to have in my ‘stash’ so that I’m not stuck having to buy something if i’m too last minute. Those ‘last minute pickup something’ gifts are never the best ideas….

2. Our ‘new’ bedroom!! We’ve moved our bed out of ‘our room’ and into the ‘nursery/loft’ — not very far – but it means that I can finally go read in bed in the evenings something that hasn’t happened since the kids were born 🙂 Now, if only the kids would manage to sleep through the whole night in their bed… um….

1. The new portfolio i’m designing. Seriously — I can’t wait to complete one and start using it. If you’ve seen Miss Potter, the movie – it’s very much inspired by the movie. I’m actually taking my time and making sure this is fully well designed and thought of before just “doing”. “just doing” typically leads to mediocre results for me — and I want this to be great 🙂 and…. I have to find the perfect fabrics for it as well before the construction can begin 🙂

planning a project....


4 thoughts on “Ten things I love right now…

  1. I love your inspiration board! I have one myself for the goals I have set for the new year. So inspiring!

    Will you say more about your portfolio you’re making? I’m interrested! 😉

  2. This is a lovely space you have here. I really felt peaceful as soon as I clicked over. I’m happy that I stumbled here and found the quote you have at the top of your blog. It really touched me today. I’ll print it out and add it to my inspiration board so I can remember why I live the way I do, and why my checklist for the day isn’t as important as I sometimes think it is. I also love your word: still (and hope).



  3. I laughed when I read number two–about the kids staying in their own beds all night. The other night we had both children and both kittens in our bed with us. The dog prefers the couch, which is good, because I think I would have been on the floor, otherwise.

    Family beds are little bittersweet, aren’t they?

  4. Thank you for commenting 🙂

    Manon, oui 🙂 I’ll share once it’s ready — what i love most about the portfolio is that it can accomodate different sizes of paper and what have you – fabrics, photographs – whatever — without having to confirm to pockets of any kind 🙂

    Heather — thank you 🙂 I really liked your blog as well!

    Willowluna – tell me about it! I’m ok with the co-sleeping part — but I need some space especially since I’m with my children all day long, everyday (which I love — but i do need alone time at SOME POINT!) and so they go to sleep in their bed — but end up in ours… and it would be really nice for all of us if there was no waking in the night on anybody’s part! 🙂 and most mornings we wake up with both kids, both adults and a dog — the dog is always in our bed… the kids most of the time, at least one of them anyways! we need a bigger bed! so yes, bittersweet!!

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